This is a story about excess, greed and waste. 

I started this project in march 2017, along the spanish mediterranean coast. 

I try to show the remnants of the real estate crisis that impacted the country.

In the early 2000's, the real estate market was seen as the major lever for the spanish "economic miracle". But the 2008 global crisis revealed that there is no such thing as a miracle, this boom being the result of speculative trends, political irresponsibility and corruption. 

Many people were evicted from housing they couldn't afford, and many constructions were left vacant, in total abandonment. In 2016, more than 340.000 constructions were still empty, had never been occupied and probably won't be for the years to come.

I decided to focus on these abandonned constructions that are like scars in the landscape, reminders that uncontrolled money frenzy always has harsh consequences, especially for the ordinary citizens.

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