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Paris based freelance photographer, I enjoy observing what the world has to offer

While graduating from a business school, I kept on developping my passion for photography.

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Exhibition in La Biennale de l'Image Possible, Liège 2020

I was invited to present my project Excédent during the biennale.

For this particular exhibition, I chose to mimic the way promoters will brand their work in the streets.

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Publication in Confinitude

One of my photo was published in the collective book Confinitude made by the association Photo#graphie

The book explores different visions around the theme of confinment that we all endured.

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Collective Exhibition Musée Nicéphore Niépce

One of my photos was part of a collective exhibition in the museum around the theme "view from my window", just like the first photo ever taken by Mr Niépce.

As this was made during France's first Covid lockdown, this theme takes a whole new meaning as the view from my window was pretty much the only thing I could see.

The photo itself was set on the entrance of the museum.

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Aesthetica Magazine

My project La Cité Idéale was published in the issue 83 of Aesthetica Magazine

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The project La Cité idéale was published on Phroom Magazine, a fine website promoting photographers from around the world.

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Individual exhibition: La Cité Idéale, Galeria Madhaus july 2016

The project "La Cité Idéale" was presented at the Madhaus Gallery in Santiago de Chile, from the 9th to the 30th of July 2016.

11 pictures were showcased on the walls of the gallery, which now represents my work in Chile.

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International conference

"Political Imagination and the City", Museum of Contemporary Art, Santiago de Chile, July 7th 2016

I had the honor to take part to the conference "Political imagination and city" organized in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Santiago de Chile the 7 & 8 th of july 2016.

Along with Josefina Jaureguiberry, we presented our talk: "The ideal city : urban identity based on consumption". We summed up our work based on the photo project "La Cité idéale" that serves as an example for a deeper analysis of the influence of private capital in the construction of the urban space and its identity.

The original text was published in the book below.


The original text from which we prepared our talk was pusblished with the others

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100 Photos pour comprendre... #2

The Europatlas Fundation organizes the second occasion of the exhibition "100 Photos pour comprendre" (100 photos to understand) from the 27th November to the 4th december 2015, in the city of Tourcoing, featuring one of my photos.

The exhibition consists in 34 Boards around the Hospice d'Havré showcasing the 100 photos already shown in the previous occasion (see below). 

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The project Threshold is published on the spanish-speaking website Bifurcaciones. You can find an article written by Josefina Jaureguiberry that explores issues regarding the form of urbanization shown in Threshold

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EuropAtlas contest

I had the honour to have one of my pictures selected for the exhibition "100 photos pour comprendre..." (100 photos to understand...) organized by the Fondation EuropAtlas. The exhibition took place in the Maison folies Wazemme in Lille, France, from the 13th february to the 8th march.

This exhibition presented a selection of photographers from around the world, illustrating humanist photography. 

The picture I presented was taken in Nation, a station in Paris. The platforms of this trainstation is a sample of what french society is, and the fact that it is called "nation" adds a symbol to it.

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Threshold at Espacio la Cochera

The beginning of the project Threshold was presented in november 2014 in a gallery called Espacio la Cochera, in the ciy of Santiago, Chile.

16 photos were presented, introducing for the first time my project to the public. The reactions were rather enthusiasts and gave me motivation to keep developping this project. You can have a look to the gallery's website here.

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